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31 July 2015
Haynes book feature
The Baby Manual Baby Manual (2nd edition)

The practical step-by-step guide to babies, for men (and mums).

by Dr. Ian Banks


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Since the launch of the first Baby Manual by Haynes in 2003, more models have rolled off (or maybe that should be rolled out of) the production line. They've all been to an age-old design but no two have been the same. Many things have changed though. Science and technology have developed, lifestyles have altered and new legislation has been introduced. To take account of these changes, Haynes has now launched the second edition of this popular manual.

The Baby Manual on high chairs
Liberally illustrated with humorous cartoons and informative illustrations, key information is delivered with a lighthearted touch without detracting from content

If you are expecting a baby soon, have just had one or are still thinking about it, this new Baby manual is for you (and that means blokes as well as women). The seven sections of the manual begin, naturally, with conception - including advice about contraception, erectile dysfunction, artificial insemination and IVF. Next is a section on pregnancy, with a useful 'bloke's guide' explaining all those things men don't normally like to ask about. Logically enough this is followed by a section on birth and what comes after, including up-to-the minute advice on immunisation and the MMR controversy.
A Baby Manual Hint
The Baby Manual is packed with useful hints and tips on parenting

A new baby brings life changes and there's a whole section about how to deal with feeding, teething, shopping and, importantly, dad's feelings. Then there's safety - how to protect your baby, whether at home or travelling. Baby illnesses follow, including advice on how to deal with and respond to a range of ailments as well as what to do in an emergency. A reference section explains the Apgar test (which professionals use to assess the health of a new-born baby) and lists useful contacts.

Now in full colour with many photographs to complement the technical illustrations and cartoons, and not forgetting the hints and tips from people who have been there, done that and got sick down the back of their best jacket.

Haynes will donate 50p, shared equally between CLIC Sargent and Children's Hospice South West, for every copy sold.

What they said about the first edition of this book

"For men who don't know which end to plug the bottle in..." Daily Telegraph

"... straightforward information about what babies are, what can go wrong and how to fix it." The Times

"... the perfect gift for dads."

"Guide to child-care with a no-nonsense approach..." Sunday Times

The Baby Manual will help you to:
decide when and how to start
keep your cool in the delivery room
maintain baby's bodywork in optimum condition
prevent corrosion of vital parts
understand the on-board diagnostic system
decide when to call in professional assistance
Please note: no babies were stripped down in the preparation of The Baby Manual.
Author: Dr. Ian Banks has written several popular health titles, including the best-selling Haynes Family Manuals that include the Man Manual, Woman Manual and the Sex Manual. He is also the author of the NHS Direct Health Care Guide, a frequent broadcaster and much more importantly a father of four children as well as a practising casualty doctor.
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